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History of Borneo Nature Lodge


It was in the year 2009 that some investors decided to build a green and environmental friendly resort in the forest along the Kinabatangan river.

Building works started in February 2010 consisting mainly 6 chalets, 1 restaurant, 1 office building, 1 observation tower and a water rack.

Setting out the lodge was important as we only felled small trees (less than 3.5 inches) to make way for the buildings and taking extra care not to disturb the natural biodiversity of the area. This is why the chalets are built under or beside the larger trees. As far as possible the building materials used were either biodegradable, enviroment friendly or recycleable. An existing elephant path has also been preserved and crossing retained should the elephants decide to pass by.

By February, 2011 the resort was completed.


The chalets are mainly built of wood with the bathroom floor concrete. They have a generous area of fixed glass panels and windows to let in natural light thus saving energy to light up the room. The roofs are corrugated metal sheets (for safety) covered with attap leaves. The front and rear facia of the chalets have an opening for air crossflow to keep the rooms cool and also to reduce the drumming effect in the room when it rains. Visitors are encouraged to leave the windows ajar and the mosquito netting closed to keep out insects.

Rainwater harvested from the roof is stored for use in the toilets. The WC also feature water saving dual flush system. Water feeds to the basin and shower are filltered and treated water. By turning on the air conditioner for 2 hours, it will generate enough heat for hot water. Visitors are requested to use water thriftly. Other green features are energy saving light bulbs. The rooms are also decorated with local handicraft.

The restaurant seats about 30 people in an air conditioned environment and the alfresco area also seats about 20 people. Water harvested from the roof of the restaurant are for general use only i.e cleaning and watering plants. Grease traps are also located at the wash area to prevent grease from being discharged into the river.

Annexed to the office is a disabled friendly room (twin sharing). Only disabled guests weighing less than 45 kg are accepted due to the inconvenience of getting in and out of the boats. This also houses the staff and tour guides.

Observation Tower
This 20 foot structure doubles up as a solar panel tower as well as a place for bird watching. On ground level are mechanical bicycles where visitors may cycle to charge up the battery banks as the resort runs solely on solar at night. Pedalling at regular speed for 1.5 hours will charge up enough energy for a nights use (per cycle per room). As we are located very far from the nearest electric substation, the cost of bringing electricity to the resort is not viable at this time. Nevertheless we have already submitted our application.

Our own boats are powered by 4 stroke engine which cuts down engine noise and pollution. It is also supported by an electric trolling motor used when the boat is cruising on low speed

Other Green Practices

  • Composting
  • Producing own enzyme
  • Used frying oil is used to light the compound lamps